Today’s forecast- The Son shines and the Lord reigns!

Dear Friends 

We hope you can join us in worship and the Holy Eucharist, BAS format, at 10:30 am this Sunday.

With winter weather here, and the challenges that go with it we hope to resume Zoom coverage beginning November 27th.


Food Bank: a bin is in the front foyer for collecting items for the local foodbank. Let us support this important ministry for those in need in our community.

Coffee Hour: There is a signup sheet in the Hall if you are able to help out after service. Cookies and/or other items for the freezer for Sundays are welcome.

Prayer Chain: confidential requests are welcome, and updates are appreciated and are of great encouragement.  Contact Elaine at  [email protected]

Potluck Breakfast: Sunday December 4th. At 9 am. Why not invite a friend out for breakfast?

Memorial Plaque: we are accepting donations toward a second memorial plaque to remember past parishioners of our church.

Please remember in your prayers:

– the clergy and people of our Diocese

– those who are sick, suffering, fearful or in need, and their caregivers, especially doctors and nurses

– for peace within our country, and in the world, remembering areas of war, unrest and riots, and so many refugees. We ask for wise discernment in our leaders.

– for the victims of violence and natural disasters and those who suffer from the emotional and physical wounds from conflict

– for those who mourn

– our Indigenous brothers and sisters, remembering their hurt and grief at this time;

– those who are persecuted and oppressed for their faith in Jesus Christ

Christmas Services

December 18- Advent Lessons and Carols- 10:30 am

December 24- Christmas Eve Eucharist- 7 pm

December 25- Christmas Morning Eucharist- 10:30 am

 A Diocesan Missional Minute:

Recently, I was talking with a friend, and the conversation turned to a recent purchase of plastic storage containers.  I found myself offering my thoughts on a particular brand, endorsing the qualities of ease of use, durability and price.  I really like these containers; I might even say in conversation that I “love” them.  I waxed poetic on how great this product is, on how my life has changed (in this case, they are the answer to my storage needs), and how grateful I was to have found a source of reliable food storage.

Hold everything!  I have the love of God in my life.  I have a Saviour in Jesus, and He is the Rock upon which I stand.  He is wonderful and life-changing, and I am so very grateful to have Him in my life.  So, why am I not endorsing Him at every opportunity?  Why am I not telling everyone I meet of the good thing I’ve found?

It seems I have no hesitation speaking about plastic containers, but feel awkward or fearful when it comes to sharing the Good News of Jesus.  I need to change my thinking, and be ready to speak of Jesus – of His hope and peace and life-giving love.  I need to share my “product endorsement” – my story of witness and salvation and the good things He has done for me, as readily as I do for consumer products.  May I be ready to be missional for Him.

  Check out “From the Prayer Chair” by Rev Haydn

Rev Haydn will have office hours this coming week on Wednesday and Friday from approximately 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Helen is in the office from 10-12 on Wednesdays.

Please contact the Wardens with any concerns and good news!

Rector: 403 999 4181. [email protected]

Rector’s Warden: Liz Sutherland: 403 601 6952 C

People’s warden: Pat Reid: 403 652 2021

Church office: 403-652-2271     Email: [email protected]

Offerings by e-transfer via [email protected] 

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